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  • McGolf Custom Clubs

    by UST Mamiya | Jun 06, 2013

    McGolf Custom Clubs

    McGolf Custom Clubs boasts one of the most qualified clubmakers and clubfitters in Ohio and the US. After spending 8 years in the Nuclear Navy on submarines and an additional 15 plus years in the nuclear industry Jim McCleery co-owner of McGolf custom clubs now  applies the same high level of integrity and tolerances learned in the nuclear field to his fittings and clubmaking skills. A firm believer in education, Jim has attended or completed most certification available to a clubmaker or club fitter.  See the following list of schools and certifications:

    • Golfworks 5 day advanced fitting and repair school
    • Golfworks Master clubmaker class, Attended first class
    • Certified Rifle Center Class
    • Advanced Certified Rifle Center Class
    • Professional Clubmakers Society (PCS) Class “A” clubmaker
    • Professional Clubmakers Society (PCS) Class “A” club fitter
    • Professional Clubmakers Society (PCS) Class “A” club repairer
    • Professional Clubmakers Society (PCS) certified advanced professional clubmaker

    In addition to the above education Jim has won a few awards along the way:

    • 2006 Regional Clubmaker of the year
    • 2007 Regional Clubmaker of the year
    • 2008 Regional Clubmaker of the year
    • 2008 International Clubmaker of the Year
    • 2008 Top Shop (Retail)

    Robin McCleery the other co-owner of McGolf is the driving force behind the success of McGolf and is the winner of the TOP SHOP award at McGolf. Robin is an expert in gripology and installs as many grips as any other clubmaker. Robin can help with any other golf related need. Bags, Balls, Gloves, Carts, Robin is there to help.

    We are interested in what you have to say. If you have a question about the practice facility, the products we carry, the fitting process or just a clubmaking question please contact us at or 1-(740)-941-GOLF (4653).

    McGolf Custom Clubs
    188 Kent Lane
    Waverly, Ohio 45690
    Golf Digest Top 100 Club Fitter
    International Clubmaker of the Year

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