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Kustom ClubsCompany History

1978 to 2013: 35th Year Anniversary

Ken Collins, Proprietor of Kustom Clubs Fitting Center established his business as a full service golf club repair business which provided service to golf professionals at golf courses throughout New England. As a club repair technician Ken Collins realized the importance of and knowledge required to build a set of golf clubs. Ken has developed his own exclusive D·R·S Fitting System to ensure that each customer benefits from a professional club fit.

In 1981, the business expanded offering custom built golf clubs. Each repair provided an opportunity to introduce each repair customer his specialty…custom clubs. A professional clubmaker must be able to service what he builds

In 2011, 2012, 2013 Ken was named by Golf Digest Magazine “America’s 100 Best Clubfitters”.

In addition, Ken was named by Mizuno Golf as a “Top 100 Fitter”.

Ken Collins believes in playing a vital role in keeping the art, the traditions and integrity of club fitting alive.

In 1996 Ken Collins was honored as “PCS International Clubmaker of the Year”. This honor is presented to the clubmaker who demonstrates:

  • Excellence in Clubfitting and Custom Clubmaking
  • Dedication to the trade
  • A willingness to continually improve skills and knowledge
  • Success in all aspects of operating a custom clubmaking, clubfitting and golf club repair business

Why Kustom Clubs

Over 35 years experience in manufacturing and repairing golf clubs have shown us that 85% of golfers play with equipment that does not fit. Golfers can get more out of their golf game with professionally fitted custom clubs at a price lower than off-the-rack clubs which have been mass produced to fit a generic profile.

Like fingerprints, no two golfers are alike. Most important, with fitted golf clubs, all incorrect variables are eliminated giving you more time to concentrate on improving your swing. Our exclusive D·R·S Fitting System takes into consideration over 35 different variables. A few of the variables we measure include:

Using state of the art computers, Doppler radar and our own personally designed fitting program, D·R·S Fitting System, you can be assured of having the finest professionally fit custom clubs available. Over 35 of variables are considered when creating your individual profile, including height, swing speed, tempo, hand size, and lie angle – just to mention a few. These variables are collected during the fitting, then analyzed to create a blueprint of your perfect fit. Because of our commitment to quality custom clubs, we demand strict controls in the weights and tolerance of our clubs. We weigh each grip, shaft and clubhead. Using our exclusive D·R·S Fitting System we profile each shaft, and hand bend the loft and lie of each club to the particular golfer we are fitting. Unlike the large manufacturers who mass produce assembly line clubs, our golf clubs are individually handcrafted in our shop by “Master Clubfitter Technicians”.

Kustom Clubs

Proper clubfitting is the key to lower scores. Let Kustom Clubs insure a proper fitting to reward your skill. We will manufacture your “Precision Tuned Instruments” one club at a time unlike mass produced assembly line clubs. Play the same clubs touring professionals worldwide play with, “Professionally Fitted”. Kustom Clubs come with a limited lifetime warranty as long as you own the set.

UST golf shafts have become a very important part of our fitting system. The variety of shafts  and consistency  have made them one of our biggest sellers.

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