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Nov 04, 2008

AXIVCore Shaft with a One-Two Finish at Ginn

FORT WORTH, Texas — Timing is everything, so this week’s scheduled unveiling of UST’s all-new Proforce AXIVCore Shaft Series could not have come at a better time — on the heels of a highly-publicized one-two finish at this week’s PGA TOUR Ginn sur Mer Classic held in Palm Coast, Fla.

High-performance graphite shafts designed and manufactured by UST (United Sports Technologies®) are well-known for outstanding performance, and this week’s champion at the Ginn sur Mer Classic played an advance model of the all-new Proforce AXIVCore graphite shaft by UST to earn his first PGA TOUR victory since 2004.

“The timing for this victory couldn’t have been more perfect,” says Jim McIntosh, tour representative for UST. “When you consider the many different ways we could showcase the performance benefits of our new AXIVCore shafts, the PGA TOUR is the perfect stage and a victory is the perfect message.”

Delivering a tournament leading 2-to-1 birdie-to-bogey ratio, the Texas-born champion played a UST Proforce AXIVCore graphite shaft in his TaylorMade driver and also trusted UST’s innovative ‘AXIV® Technology’ in his fairway woods. In addition, his putter was equipped with UST’s revolutionary Frequency Filtered putter shaft which instantaneously amplifies a player’s touch and feel of where ball impact occurs on the putter face. In addition in the winner, one of the second-place tied positions also played the AXIVCore shaft in their Titleist 90D9 Comp driver.

Unlike any graphite shaft in golf today, the new Proforce AXIVCore Shaft Series integrates a true weave — four-axis material — within the inner walls (shaft core), providing stability and consistent recovery at impact. This unique counter-balanced shaft also reduces club heft that helps players generate more clubhead speed which translates to more ball velocity and greater distance.

AXIV Technology in the Proforce AXIVCore is a UST exclusive, proprietary process of weaving specific high-modulus carbon fibers in the critical four axis directions necessary in shaft design to optimize stiffness, hoop strength, and torsional resistance. The shaft resists deformation and returns the shaft to a round shape faster than other shafts on the market. The AXIV Core Series features a Blue, Tour Black and Tour Red models, and will be available in multiple weights and flexes to fit various swing profiles.

High-performance UST graphite shafts are played by some of the world’s best players such as Davis Love III, Rod Pampling and many others.

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