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Aug 10, 2004

Harmon ‘HTD’ Shafts Point to Victory at The International

United Sports Technologies (UST®) congratulates the new champion at The International, who accumulated more points than other players on a tough Castle Pines course. According to Darrell Survey reports, this year’s winner played the new TaylorMade R7 Quad driver (10.5°) assembled with a Harmon HTD graphite shaft to best his competition.

The International is the 17th tournament win of the year for UST, and with 48 shafts in play (more than True Temper, Aldila and Grafalloy) and three more Top 10 finishes — its hard to find much wrong with the entire week.

“Finishing first-, fifth- and sixth-place is terrific at any tournament, and it’s especially gratifying at The International,” says Gene Simpson, vice president of marketing and sales for UST® brands. “Last week we had four different UST-branded shafts reach the Top 10, and this week we’ve got three Top 10s with all of them being Harmon HTD® shafts. But that is the way it has been all year. It seems like it is always one UST® shaft beating out another, and we don’t mind that at all.”

Once again, UST’s multi-brand strategy proved to be too much for the competition. The total count for UST included 12 IROD® hybrids, nine Proforce®, 14 ACCRA®, and 13 Harmon HTD®, including the winner.

Being The Point Man at The International
Plus signs on a scorecard traditionally receive the enthusiasm of a root canal. But, unlike any other PGA Tour tournament during the year, The INTERNATIONAL at Castle Pines awards the player with the most points with a huge trophy and about $900,000 in winnings!

The INTERNATIONAL tournament uses a ‘Modified Stableford Scoring’ system which is an alternative method of keeping score that — instead of counting strokes — awards points to each player based upon the outcome of each hole. What’s equally important is HOW the player achieved the results. For example, the Modified Stableford system at The INTERNATIONAL awards eight points for a double eagle; five points for eagle; two points for birdie, and zero for par. But you can also lose one point for a bogey and three points for shooting a double bogey or worse.

Another Harmon HTD player, who tied for sixth-place at The INTERNATIONAL, picked up 40 points and moved up to 12th place in the 2004 Ryder Cup race. There is one week to go to earn points for the team.

The increasing trend toward customization in golf equipment is evident in the success of the TaylorMade R7 Quad, and the Harmon HTD shafts appears to complement the R7 Quad very well. The Harmon HTD shaft features a unique counter-balanced design that allows a player to put five or six grams more weight in the clubhead, thereby maintaining a normal D2 swingweight while simultaneously increasing the actual mass that is contacting the ball. It’s called a ‘bigger hammer’ scenario. 

The key stat for The INTERNATIONAL’s winner this week may have been his Driving Accuracy with the HTD shaft. This year’s champion came into the tournament tied for 174th place on the PGA TOUR having hit 57.1 percent of his fairways. This weekend with the HTD graphite shaft, he hit 43 of 56 (76.8%) fairways to tie for 11th.


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