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Sep 09, 2004

HTD Counter-Balance Shafts Dominate PGA Driving Distance

FORT WORTH, Texas — When it comes to driving for distance, graphite shafts designed by United Sports Technologies (UST) are the clear favorite among PGA Tour players hitting the long ball. According to Driving Distance stats published by the PGA Tour this week, five of the Top 10 players use wood graphite shafts designed by UST. In fact, no other graphite wood shaft brand played in the Driving Distance Top 10 was carried by more than two pros, showing a more than 2-to-1 preference for UST shafts.

In addition, among the five best driving pros playing UST shafts, four were out-driving their competitors with UST’s Harmon HTD shafts with counter-balance technology.

“PGA Tour players are notoriously discriminating about their equipment, so their decisions on which driver to play — and particularly on which graphite shaft to play — are not made lightly,” says Gene Simpson, vice president of sales and marketing for UST brands. “With their unique feel and performance, the Harmon HTD shafts which dominated the Driving Distance stats is a perfect example of how the world’s best golfers trust HTD shafts to perform.”

The Harmon HTD shaft combines Tour-proven Proforce tip technology with a new ‘counter-balanced’ carbon fiber placement. The HTD features a unique ‘active’ tip section that is torsionally stable to control the clubhead, but which is more flexible to provide feel and kick at impact and create a penetrating ball flight. The counter-balance design also distributes additional carbon fiber material toward the butt section of the shaft, thus increasing the butt section weight and enhancing feel at both ends of the shaft.

Maker of golf’s Number One graphite replacement shaft, UST is one of the largest and most successful graphite golf shaft manufacturers in the world. With its best-selling brand names such as Proforce®, PURE Gold, Harmon, ACCRA, Tour Weight® and its new IROD Hybrid shaft series, UST routinely ranks among the top wood shaft brands on the PGA Tour according to Darrell Survey reports

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