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Feb 02, 2005

iROD Popularity Tops Bob Hope Chrysler Classic

FORT WORTH, Texas — After winning the Hybrid Wood Shaft Count at the Mercedes Open, Sony Open and Buick Invitational, United Sports Technologies (UST) went to work at the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic for a January clean sweep. After the first four weeks of the 2005 season, UST's IROD Hybrid graphite shaft remains unbeaten as the most popular Hybrid Wood Shaft on the PGA Tour!

"The IROD Hybrid was the No.1 Hybrid Shaft on the PGA Tour in 2004, and we're happy to pick up where we left off," says Shawn Mullin, PGA Tour representative for UST. "Hybrid shaft design options have increased greatly over the last year for both woods and irons, and we're extremely pleased that the best players in the world recognize that true hybrid shafts feature very specific design characteristics which maximize hybrid club performance. At UST, we produce IROD Hybrid shafts for Hybrid clubs." 

Mullin explains that the booming popularity of hybrid shafts and clubs has unfortunately sparked some confusion as to what a hybrid shaft really is. According to the Darrell Survey, the golf industry's independent authority for reporting equipment usage at pro tournaments, a ‘Hybrid Shaft' is any shaft used in a hybrid club. However, Mullin says that UST — one of the world leaders in hybrid shaft technology — defines a Hybrid Shaft as a shaft specifically designed for performance improvement in Hybrid clubs. Thus, golfers and clubmakers looking for true ‘Hybrid Technology' in a shaft should be aware that some golf companies simply install a common iron or wood shaft into a Hybrid Club.   

"Pairing a shaft with a hybrid club does not make the shaft a true hybrid shaft," says Mullin. "IROD Hybrid Shafts possess unique design characteristics which optimize the performance of hybrid clubs. That's why IROD makes great shots easy!"

United Sports Technologies makes graphite golf shafts for golf consumers and many original equipment manufacturers, such as Nike, Tommy Armour, Sonartec, Wilson Sporting Goods, Hogan, Spalding, and many others. UST also produces and distributes such world-renown graphite shaft brands as Proforce, ACCRA, PURE Gold, IROD and Harmon Tour Design which are played in more than 100 tour events on the PGA, SPGA, Nationwide and European tours. Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, UST operates four manufacturing facilities throughout the world and produces more than four million graphite shafts a year for original equipment manufacturers and custom club makers. For more information about UST, please visit our website at

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