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Mar 01, 2004

IROD™ Wins Chrysler Classic of Tucson And Continues To Impress Tour Players

Fort Worth, TX - United Sports Technologies® (UST), the creator of IROD, the world's first hybrid golf shafts, racked up another impressive win at the Chrysler Classic of Tuscon. With an IROD shafted Ping G2HL 2 iron in his bag, Heath Slocum posted an impressive 22 under par, one stroke victory. And, with (12) twelve IROD shafts in the field again this week, UST's innovative hybrid has become the shaft of choice for great shot makers on Tour. To date, more than 40 professionals have played IROD on Tour compared to only 5 for the closest competitor. According to Gene Simpson, UST's Vice President of Sales and Marketing for UST Brands, "Long irons on tour have traditionally been made almost exclusively with steel shafts. But with the newer power golf balls, designed to maximize distance off the tee, flight characteristics off a long iron have become low trajectory knuckle balls with a lot of run. IROD makes long irons easy for everyone to hit. With a lower flex point and softer tip section, the ball is easy to get airborne . . . and it lands softly and stays put". UST's new IROD hybrid is a three shaft series designed specifically for shot making…even in the most difficult circumstances. The IROD hybrid fairway shaft produces a tight shot dispersion, while the IROD hybrid utility shaft technology focuses on optimizing distance control. The IROD hybrid long-iron shaft is specifically designed to put the difficult to hit 2, 3, and 4 irons back into your bag by making it easier to hit the ball higher. With utility clubs becoming more and more popular on Tour and at courses across America, UST's new IROD hybrid shaft series is the perfect match. "Results have been spectacular with continuous player testing with each of the IROD hybrid shafts on Tour and at courses across America and around the world," Simpson said. "And, the amazing thing is that the IROD seems to help the Pros as much as it helps the average golfer. The game is changing; we all want to make great shots, and IROD is helping to make it happen."
UST® is one of the largest and most successful graphite golf shaft manufacturers in the world. Its best selling Proforce® series has been the world's number one graphite replacement shaft for years. The new IROD™ shaft joins UST's other models that include other well known brands like ACCRA®, Tour Weight®, and HTD® (Harmon Tour Design®). All UST brands are Trademarks of United Sports Technologies, Fort Worth, TX. For more information on United Sports Technologies® (UST), IROD™, Proforce® GOLD, ATR, and XL, ACCRA®, HTD® golf shafts, and other UST® products visit the web site at, or call 817-267-2219. For additional information Contact Gene Simpson, Vice President of Marketing United Sports Technologies, Inc. 817-267-2219

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