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Aug 17, 2004

IROD Wins Price Cutter Championship

As the Price Cutter Charity Championship celebrated its 15th year on the Nationwide Tour, United Sports Technologies (UST) celebrated a few milestones of its own. Not only did UST set a company record with 61 shafts in play, but IROD Hybrid shafts designed by UST won first- and second-place in an exciting final round.

“IROD shafts continue to be the hottest hybrid shaft on the professional tours, and we’re excited to see our winning streak as the ‘No. 1 Hybrid Shaft on Tour’ continue at the Price Cutter Charity Championship,” says Gene Simpson, vice president of sales and marketing for UST brands. “UST has supported the Nationwide Tour and its players for many years, and we’re pleased to work closely with these young professionals in designing shafts that perform at the highest levels of the game.”

At this weekend’s event, UST once again fielded double-digit totals for multiple brands. According to the Darrell Survey’s wood shaft brand count, UST put into play 21 IROD Hybrid shafts, 21 ACCRA, 12 Harmon ‘HTD’, six Proforce and one Tour Weight-branded shafts.

Designed and manufactured by UST — a world leader in golf shaft innovation and technology — IROD Hybrid shafts are the first shafts ever designed specifically to maximize the performance of ‘transition’ clubs — those clubs in the set positioned between the driver and 5-iron.

With three distinct performance models, the new IROD shafts were specifically created to make ‘transition’ clubs between the driver and 5-iron, easier to hit. The Hybrid Long Iron shaft features a lower flex point and a more flexible tip to help get the ball airborne easily. The Hybrid Utility shaft is stiffer in the mid-section with an incredibly stable tip to control distance. And, the Hybrid Fairway shaft was designed with very low torque to insure accuracy in ball dispersion.

UST continues to make its mark on the official statistics for professional tours. On the Nationwide Tour, UST’s ACCRA shaft currently leads the 2004 Driving Accuracy statistic with an 81.9 percent accuracy rating, hitting 578 out of 706 fairways (53 rounds played). Driving Accuracy is the percent of time a player is able to hit the fairway with his tee shot.

Plus, the HTD shaft by UST leads the 2004 PGA TOUR in Total Driving through PGA Championship on August 15th. Total Driving is computed by totaling a player’s rank in both driving distance and driving accuracy.

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