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Nov 08, 2011

Proforce VTS With Its Revolutionary 3DFitting™ System Leads UST Mamiya’s 2012 Product Line

(FORT WORTH, TX) – UST Mamiya – maker of the world’s finest carbon fiber golf shafts – announced that the new Proforce VTS shaft with its revolutionary 3DFitting System would anchor the Company’s product lines in 2012. Originally introduced on the PGA, Nationwide and International Tours in January 2011, Proforce VTS and the unique 50 plus shaft 3DFitting System has already achieved amazing success with professional golfers around the world.

Reportedly, the new Proforce VTS is a shaft developed almost entirely through research and player feedback. To this end, the Company has spent years researching the significant influence that torque has on distance, control and feel. Consequently, the feedback revealed how players could control dispersion based on adjusting torque to their swing style. Perhaps more importantly, the research confirmed that the relationship that “feel” has to torque is infinitely more complex. Players who thought shafts were stiff or soft were not necessarily feeling the flex or weight, but were actually feeling torque.

Working from a much more finely tuned understanding of how torque influences all of these factors, UST Mamiya designed the Proforce VTS to be a completely new category of shafts that uses 3-dimensional fitting to assure the perfect sequence of weight, flex and torque for every swing.

Michael Guerrette, UST Mamiya’s Senior Director of R & D and Tour Operations, said, “At the Tour level, Proforce VTS is used to match Tour players to the correct torque for their unique swing. With the perfect 3DFitting sequence, we’ve seen ball speed increases up to 6 mph, which can equate to 15 to 18 yards, and dispersion decreases by as much as 30 yards.”

In many ways, Proforce VTS is turning traditional shaft fitting upside down. By not isolating shaft performance to swing speed or physical strength alone, Proforce VTS shafts fine tune how weight, flex and torque work in concert to create distance, control and feel.

Robb Schikner, UST Mamiya’s VP of Sales and Marketing, noted that, “With Proforce VTS and its unique 3DFitting System, players, regardless of their skill level, can now determine the relationship between torque and distance. They can also control dispersion based on adjusting torque to their swing style. Best of all, players can influence feel by adjusting torque in concert with weight and flex. Proforce VTS changes everything.”

While Proforce VTS and the 50 plus shaft 3DFitting System is available through TOURSPX Certified Dealers or to anyone with access to a professional club fitter, golfers can use the 11 shaft 3DFitting chart available at most golf retailers. The fitting charts make 3DFitting simple (1-D) players identify their swing speed on the chart, (2-D) locate their preferred shaft weight, then (3-D) find the correct torque and flex based on where speed and weight intersect on the fitting chart.


About UST Mamiya

Since 1991, UST Mamiya graphite shafts are favored by recreational and competitive golfers worldwide. In 2009, UST (U.S.) and its parent company, Mamiya-OP (Japan), combined operations, including research, development, production and materials-sourcing talents. Distributed in 30-plus countries, UST Mamiya provides shafts to consumers, retailers, club-fitters and original equipment manufacturers Adams, Bridgestone, Callaway, Cleveland, Cobra, Mizuno, Nike, PING, Taylor Made, Titleist, Wilson and more. Company R&D and manufacturing facilities are in the U.S., Japan, China and Bangladesh. UST Mamiya advisory staff includes renowned instructors among GOLF Magazine’s “Top 100” and at Golf Digest’s “America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses.”

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