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Feb 16, 2004

UST's HTD®, ACCRA® And IROD™ Shafts Claim Five of The Top Ten Spots

Fort Worth, TX - United Sports Technologies® (UST), one of the largest and most successful graphite golf shaft manufacturers in the world, continued their fantastic west coast swing by capturing five of the top-ten spots at the Buick Invitational. Overall, UST's placed a total of six shafts with the top-ten finishers. According to Gene Simpson, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for UST Brands, "UST's PGA Tour swing through California has been extremely successful. In numbers alone, our shaft count is up more than 25% over 2003, which is very exciting. With the tremendous increase in player usage of both Harmon Tour Design® (HTD) Counter Balance™ and IROD Hybrid shafts, 2004 has already been a stellar year on Tour." UST continued to grow its 2004 PGA Tour shaft count at The Buick Invitational by racking up a total count of 53 shafts in play, good for 3rd overall in graphite wood shafts. The total included twelve new IROD hybrid shafts, four of which were used in long irons. Coming off a record setting 2003, and with more and more players switching to UST shafts, the increased momentum should help us achieve our goal of becoming the #1 graphite shaft supplier on the PGA Tour well ahead of schedule." The secret to UST's success stems from their ability to design and create shafts for radically different golf swings. The classic Proforce GOLD® series was built on UST's innovative tip technology that produced a low, penetrating ball flight. For their highly successful HTD shafts, UST created Counter Balance technology that puts additional weight in the hands giving players better feel and more control through their golf swing. And then, as if to underline their reputation as one of the most innovative shaft makers in the world, UST introduced IROD, the world's first hybrid shafts, designed specifically for use in "transition clubs", those between the driver and mid irons. According to Simpson, the three-shaft IROD hybrid series is designed to help golfers of every skill level make difficult shots with confidence. The IROD fairway shaft produces a tight shot dispersion, while the IROD utility shaft technology focuses on consistent distance control. The IROD long-iron shaft, with a softer tip and lower flex point, is designed to put the difficult to hit 2, 3, and 4 irons back in your bag by producing a high trajectory. IROD makes great shots easy.
UST® is one of the largest and most successful graphite golf shaft manufacturers in the world. Its best selling Proforce® series has been the world's number one graphite replacement shaft for years. The new IROD™ shaft joins UST's other models that include other well known brands like ACCRA®, Tour Weight®, and HTD® (Harmon Tour Design®). All UST brands are Trademarks of United Sports Technologies, Fort Worth, TX. For more information on United Sports Technologies® (UST), IROD™, Proforce® GOLD, ATR, and XL, ACCRA®, HTD® golf shafts, and other UST® products visit the web site at, or call 817-267-2219. For additional information Contact Gene Simpson, Vice President of Marketing United Sports Technologies, Inc. 817-267-2219

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