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Feb 01, 2004

UST's New IROD, Harmon HTD, And ACCRA Shafts Are The Talk Of The PGA Show

Orlando, FL - United Sports Technologies (UST), a worldwide leader in golf shaft innovation and technology, has once again captured the attention of the golf world with a stunning display of innovation and market savvy. UST's new IROD™ hybrid utility shafts, officially introduced at this year's show, have created an entirely new category of shafts, while the highly successful Harmon Tour Design® (HTD®) shafts have been redesigned and repositioned to take full advantage of its' spectacular performance on Tour. It should not be surprising that the people who five-years-ago introduced the best selling replacement shaft in the world, the Proforce® GOLD, would continue to be the most talked about shaft company at the 2004 PGA Show. This year's product of the year is UST's new IROD series specifically designed to expand the playability of the popular utility clubs, fairway woods, and the dreaded 2, 3, and 4 irons. The world's first Hybrid golf shafts are designed to maximize performance of the "transition" clubs. More specifically, the IROD™ Hybrid Long Iron shaft, with a lower flex point and softer tip section the IROD make it easy to get the ball airborne. The IROD™ Hybrid Utility shaft utilizing high modulus 46-ton material, enhances in the shafts tip section to promote consistent flight and distance, shot after shot. The IROD™ Fairway shaft focuses its technology on producing low torque to control ball dispersion in the fairway, creating unparalleled accuracy on approach shots to the green. Last year's big winner, the Harmon Tour Design series, is sporting a new look in 2004 and some other changes. With the tremendous success of the HTD Counter Balance™ shafts on Tour in 2003, UST and the Harmon brothers decided to "CB" the entire series. The only changes to the original Harmon CB shaft are the graphics and the name, which is now the CB-65. Specs and tolerances stay the same. And, why not, it is still a Tour favorite because it creates optimum ball speed and encourages a natural "draw bias" flight. The CB-65 is joined by the new HTD CB-70 shaft, a heavier counter balance design with a higher flex point and stiffer tip section that produces more power and a low, boring ball flight. Filling out the series in 2004 is the new HTD CB-60, the lightest of the CB series offering true Tour performance in an ultra-light tour-quality shaft.
UST® is one of the largest and most successful graphite golf shaft manufacturers in the world. Its best selling Proforce® series has been the world's number one graphite replacement shaft for years. The new IROD™ shaft joins UST's other models that include other well known brands like ACCRA®, Tour Weight®, and HTD® (Harmon Tour Design®). All UST brands are Trademarks of United Sports Technologies, Fort Worth, TX. For more information on United Sports Technologies® (UST), IROD™, Proforce® GOLD, ATR, and XL, ACCRA®, HTD® golf shafts, and other UST® products visit the web site at, or call 817-267-2219. For additional information Contact Gene Simpson, Vice President of Marketing United Sports Technologies, Inc. 817-267-2219

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