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Nov 14, 2005

UST Hits Bulls-Eye at Franklin-Templeton Shootout

FORT WORTH, Texas – Securing first- and second-place on the leaderboard, the Proforce V2 by United Sports Technologies (UST) brought home more than a half million dollars at this weekend’s Franklin Templeton Shootout. The winning team finished 30-under 186 with one member playing a Proforce V2 graphite shaft in his Callaway driver. The other member on the second-place team played the V2 in his Titleist driver.

“UST would like to congratulate both teams for their success this weekend,” says Shawn Mullin, PGA Tour representative for UST. “UST produces some of the world’s most technologically advanced graphite shafts, and the rising popularity of the Proforce V2 shaft among the world’s best players and the number of wins it has accumulated since its introduction this summer are great testimonials as to how well the V2 performs.”

The Proforce V2 provides an extremely low-torque design that optimizes the performance of today’s clubheads. Most of today’s larger driver heads position the center of gravity further away from the shaft’s center line, a design characteristic that causes more twisting pressure on the shaft. However, the low-torque design of the V2 helps prevent clubheads from twisting open on impact, thus limiting the amount of back spin imparted onto the ball and transferring more energy at impact. The Proforce V2 also incorporates UST’s revolutionary ‘hoop strength’ technology that uses a material lay up (or 90-degree material design) and helps the shaft recover faster when loaded or flexed.

One of the world’s largest and most successful graphite golf shaft manufacturers, UST is well known for developing innovative golf shafts that have won on every professional tour in the world. In addition to its own award-winning shaft designs, UST’s engineers regularly provide technical expertise on new product development, component compatibility and graphic customization for numerous club manufacturers.

United Sports Technologies makes graphite golf shafts for golf consumers and many original equipment manufacturers, such as Nike, Tommy Armour, Sonartec, Wilson Sporting Goods, Hogan, Spalding, and many others. UST also produces and distributes such world-renown graphite shaft brands as Proforce, ACCRA, PURE Gold, IROD and Harmon Tour Design which are played in more than 100 tour events on the PGA, SPGA, Nationwide and European tours. Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, UST operates four manufacturing facilities throughout the world and produces more than four million graphite shafts a year for original equipment manufacturers and custom club makers. For more information about UST, please visit our website at

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