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Dec 21, 2007

UST Introduces New Proforce HMOI Shafts

FORT WORTH, Texas — Golf’s leading innovator in graphite shaft technology, UST ® (United Sports Technologies®) has unveiled its all-new high-performance shafts specifically engineered for serious players with a ‘Grip It and Rip It’ mentality — the Proforce HMOI graphite shafts.

Utilizing technology developed through extensive Moment of Inertia (MOI) testing in drivers, UST’s new Proforce HMOI graphite shafts provide ultimate accuracy and stability and incorporate the Proforce Tip Technology that has delivered winning performance on every professional tour in the world. The HMOI’s unique counter-balance technology reduces swingweight and decreases the MOI of the ‘entire club’ about the club’s center of gravity, making the club easier to swing at faster speeds.

“Our new Proforce HMOI shafts showcase the tightest tour tolerances in the industry and combine our tour-proven Proforce Tip Technology for added power, control and an extremely narrow shot dispersion,” says Gene Simpson, vice president of sales and marketing for UST. “We’re excited to make this innovative shaft design available to all the golfers want to power through the ball at impact without sacrificing control and accuracy.”

Simpson explains that new geometry clubheads are being made slightly heavier (203-204 gm), which again increases the load on the shaft. These changes increase shaft loading in all three important directions: torsion (twisting around the shaft axis), bending in the swing plane (affecting the effective loft of the club), and droop (affecting where on the face the impact occurs). More importantly, the extra few grams of head weight produce a club with a slightly higher swingweight, unless otherwise offset by the shaft.

Counter-balancing shifts the shaft’s weight farther into the player’s hands, allowing the club to maintain a standard swingweight even with a heavier head. For example, a mid-weight, 73-gram Proforce HMOI shaft swings like a 60-gram shaft, while still allowing a strong, aggressive swing at the ball. The extra weight in the player’s hands provided by the counter-balance design moves the club’s CG closer to the hands, which actually makes the club’s MOI similar to a standard weight driver head with a standard balanced shaft. Thus, the counter-balance design makes it easier to swing faster than a typical mid- to lightweight shaft.

“Shaft stability is a critical factor with high-MOI clubheads,” adds Simpson. “UST engineers systematically improved shaft control by precisely positioning the shaft’s balance point in a slightly higher location which offsets the head’s heavier weight and narrows shot dispersion. As a result, the HMOI feels and plays appreciably lighter and creates a stable platform that allows strong players to aggressively swing through the ball, thus avoiding shaft lag or droop.”

Proforce HMOI shafts are available in A-, R-, S- and X-flexes; 46-inch length, 0.335-in. parallel tip; 0.605-inch butt diameter. MSRP $100.

Today, innovation is the real key to shaft performance. World-renowned pros such as Jim Furyk, Davis Love III and Rod Pampling — among many others — put their trust in UST high-performance shafts and the new Proforce HMOI is a great example of the technology that has made UST a world leader in graphite shaft innovation.

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