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Apr 05, 2004

UST IROD™ Chalks-Up Another Win Plus Four More Top-Tens At The BellSouth Classic

Fort Worth, TX - United Sports Technologies® (UST), considered one of the most innovative shaft manufacturers in the world, had an impressive five out of the top-ten and 21% of the entire field at this week's BellSouth Classic including the winner and four other top-ten finishers. In drivers and fairway clubs alone, UST totaled forty-three (43) shafts in play. "It's great to see the guys choosing UST shafts playing well the week before the Masters," commented Gene Simpson, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for UST Brands. "2004 has been an interesting year on Tour. Each week there seems to be a new star emerging. It has been the same kind of year for UST; one week Proforce® GOLD is on top and the next week it is HTD® and IROD. We keep racking up winners and more and more top-tens but we never seem know where they will be coming from each week. Our shaft counts are growing each week on the PGA Tour and the Nationwide and European Tours, as well. Miguel Jimenez won his second tournament of the year, the Algarve Open de Portugal, playing an HTD shaft in his driver and Proforce GOLD in his 3-wood. There seems to be little doubt that UST shafts remain a favorite of golfer all over the world." In 2004 UST is showing why it is known throughout the industry as the innovator by placing multiple UST brands in play each week on professional golf tours around the world including Proforce, HTD, IROD and ACCRA. UST's most famous shaft, the classic Proforce GOLD is designed for the player who prefers a low, penetrating ball flight. The highly successful HTD shafts depend on counter balance technology that puts additional weight in the hands giving golfers a feeling of power and control through out their golf swing. The revolutionary new IROD shafts are the world's first Hybrids and are specifically designed for today's "transition" clubs; those between the driver and mid irons. According to the design engineers, UST's latest innovation, the three-shaft IROD Hybrid series is designed to help golfers of every skill level make difficult shots with confidence. The IROD Hybrid Fairway shaft produces a tight shot dispersion, while the IROD Hybrid Utility shaft technology focuses on maximum distance control. The IROD Hybrid Long Iron shaft is specifically designed to put the difficult to hit 2, 3, and 4 irons back into your bag by producing a high trajectory shot from difficult lies. What lies ahead for UST in 2004? Certainly, the way the golf ball is bouncing this year it is difficult to predict. But with so many great brands it is a good bet that UST will continue to rack up more and more wins and more top-tens as the season progresses.

UST® is one of the largest and most successful graphite golf shaft manufacturers in the world. Its best selling Proforce® series has been the world's number one graphite replacement shaft for years. The new IROD™ shaft joins UST's other models that include other well known brands like ACCRA®, Tour Weight®, and HTD® (Harmon Tour Design®). All UST brands are Trademarks of United Sports Technologies, Fort Worth, TX. For more information on United Sports Technologies® (UST), IROD™, Proforce® GOLD, ATR, and XL, ACCRA®, HTD® golf shafts, and other UST® products visit the web site at, or call 817-267-2219. For additional information Contact Gene Simpson, Vice President of Marketing United Sports Technologies, Inc. 817-267-2219

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