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Feb 21, 2008

UST® Launches New SwingFit Online Fitting System

A world leader in high-performance graphite shafts, UST® (United Sports Technologies) has unveiled its all-new UST SwingFit™ Interactive Shaft Fitting System, the golf shaft industry’s premier online shaft fitting application.

Available exclusively at, UST SwingFit incorporates thousands of unique data points for drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons and helps golfers of all skill levels find the right UST graphite shaft for their individual game. The innovative UST SwingFit features eye-catching graphics and provides a sophisticated process through which a player’s swing speed, shot characteristics and desired trajectory are analyzed to generate custom recommendations of graphite shafts that perfectly match the player’s swing profile.

“Custom fitting is an essential ingredient for better play and lower scores, and playing the right shaft will dramatically improve the repeatability of the golf swing,” says Jamie Pipes, manager of product testing and field research for UST. “By knowing what shaft to play, golfers can expect to consistently hit the ball further, greatly improve distance control, narrow shot dispersion angles and receive a better overall feel. We’re happy to provide this completely interactive service to golfers and our customers.”

Created by UST’s research and development department, UST SwingFit is a proprietary static shaft fitting program designed to help players gain a better understanding of UST shaft models that best suit their individual games. The new UST SwingFit program carefully cross-references a golfers’ abilities and swing speed to calculate recommendations for the best-performing shaft options. Golfers can simply enter a handful of specifications and playing goals and UST’s program quickly provides them with shaft recommendations that are most likely to provide the desired game-improvement results.

“UST is committed to being the leader in providing shaft fitting information and solutions to help golfers of all abilities play their best,” adds Pipes.

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