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Dec 07, 2009

UST Mamiya AXIVCore Shafts Receive ‘GT Tech Award’ from Golf Tips Magazine

Groundbreaking Line Recognized for ‘Top Shaft Material Innovation’

(Fort Worth, TX) – UST Mamiya – maker of superiorly-designed and technologically-advanced graphite golf-club shafts – and its popular Proforce AXIVCore Series received a “GT Tech Award” from Golf Tips magazine (Nov/Dec issue) for “Top Shaft Material Innovation” and are named one of the “Top Shafts” of 2009.

The Proforce AXIVCore Series was spotlighted for its innovative design that marked a true advancement in the golf-equipment sector. AXIV technology is a UST Mamiya exclusive, proprietary material that utilizes specific high-modulus carbon fibers woven in the critical four axis directions necessary to optimize stiffness, hoop strength and torsional resistance. The AXIV material resists deformation, allowing the shaft to maintain consistent symmetry, resulting in distance and accuracy gains.

"Professionals and amateurs discover the performance benefits of our Tour-proven shafts are longer, straighter shots and lower scores," says Gene Simpson, COO of UST Mamiya. "We are honored Golf Tips recognized the Proforce AXIVCore Series for its industry impact.”

Available in multiple weights and flexes to fit various swing profiles, models in the Proforce AXIVCore Series include:

  • Blue – Active tip section provides a higher launch for longer carry distance

  • Tour Black – Flexible, low torque tip results in high launch, low spin, and better control

  • Tour Green – Lower ball flight, reduced spin and better shot-making control without sacrificing feel

  • Tour Red – Penetrating ball flight with low spin
The Blue, Tour Black and Tour Red models are counter-balanced to help players gain clubhead speed. The Tour Green is tip-balanced, moving the shaft’s center of gravity closer to the tip so players can better feel the position of the clubhead throughout the swing.

Stewart Cink, a long-time user of UST Mamiya shafts, won the 2009 British Open playing Proforce AXIVCore Tour Red shafts in his driver and three-wood. Cink also plays the company’s ATTAS shaft in his five-wood.

Likened to the precision of automaker Lexus, all UST Mamiya carbon-fiber shafts are unrivaled in quality attributed to world-class engineering, premium-selected raw materials and handcrafted, repeatable production techniques. Tight tolerances, constant taper design and low-resin content enhance feel during the golf swing.

UST Mamiya produces 35 shaft models within the ATTAS and Proforce product lines:

  • ATTAS – Introduced in Japan in early 2009 and in North America last month, this premium shaft was immediately adopted by Tour players globally. Innovatively engineered with smooth-bending properties throughout the shaft’s constant taper design, more energy is transferred to the ball for instant feedback with greater distance. Ultra-thin carbon fibers optimize feel and allow the shaft to maintain its shape for consistent, accurate shots. ATTAS is distinguished by its tri-color look, notably its atomic orange.

  • Proforce – Famous for its bright gold color and contributing to multiple major-tournament victories, Proforce shafts have been UST Mamiya’s flagship since winning the 1999 Masters. The V2 incorporates the company’s original “tip technology,” masterfully balancing torque, weight, spin and launch angle for extraordinary power off the tee. The latest in the Proforce series, the AXIVCore features four-axis material promoting stability, control and ease of swing for increased ball speed.


About UST Mamiya

Since 1991, UST Mamiya graphite shafts are favored by recreational and competitive golfers worldwide. In 2009, UST (U.S.) combined operations and assumed responsibility for the sports division of its parent company, Mamiya-OP (Japan) and now leads the drive for quality and innovation globally. Distributed in 30-plus countries, UST Mamiya provides shafts to consumers, retailers, club-fitters and original equipment manufacturers Adams, Bridgestone, Callaway, Cleveland, Cobra, Mizuno, Nike, PING, TaylorMade, Titleist, Wilson and more. Company R&D and manufacturing facilities are in the U.S., Japan, China and Bangladesh. UST Mamiya advisory staff includes renowned instructors among GOLF Magazine’s “Top 100” and at Golf Digest’s “America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses.”

For more information: UST Mamiya, 817.267.2219.

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