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Jan 16, 2012

UST Mamiya Introduces New High Performance Shafts and New Grips at 2012 PGA Merchandise Show, Booth #1729

(FORT WORTH, TX) – UST Mamiya – maker of the world’s finest carbon fiber golf shafts and premium grips – will be introducing the unique Proforce VTS shaft at the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show, booth #1729, Jan. 26-28 in Orlando, FL. The 2012 line-up will also include the MP4 shaft, a 46 gram, ultra-lightweight expansion of its successful Micro- Ply Series, as well as the ATTAS3, the most consistent and best feeling performance shaft. In addition to the new shafts, the Soft Touch™, Comp DV2 Torsion and Pro DV2 Torsion Cord grips will round out the full line of premium grips.

These new products, as well as the company’s other established lines, will be available for testing at the PGA Show Demo Day on Wednesday, January 25th at Orange County National Golf Center and Lodge. In addition, the Company will also make its new TOURSPX® shafts available for club fitters to test.

Based on UST Mamiya research, Torque Changes Everything! The relationship that “feel” has to torque is complex, and in many cases players who thought shafts were stiff or soft were not necessarily feeling flex or weight but the torque of the shaft.

The Proforce VTS is a new category of shafts that uses a proprietary 3DFitting™ system to match flex, weight and torque in order to increase ball speed by as much as 6 mph and decrease dispersion by as much as 30%. By not isolating shaft fitting to swing speed or physical strength alone, Proforce VTS shafts fine tune how flex, weight and torque work in concert to create distance, control and feel.

“Shaft fitting has always been determined by flex and weight. With the new Proforce VTS line, we are able to fit the individual for torque, which brings a 3rd dimension to fitting which was not possible in the past,” says Robb Schikner, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

UST Mamiya is also expanding its very successful MP Series by adding the ultra-lightweight 46 gram MP4 shaft. Like the rest of the MP Series, the MP4 uses advanced aerospace micro ply technology to provide improved feel without sacrificing performance. The MP4, the ultimate lightweight shaft, is designed to optimize distance by helping players increase clubhead speed. The MP5 model is designed specifically for today’s woods, while the MP6 is made to optimize distance and accuracy in irons. The entire series share a low torque to weight ratio that provides extreme power, excellent feel and total control.

With the launch of the new ATTAS3 shaft, UST Mamiya has captured the best of both worlds by combining the accuracy and performance of the original ATTAS along with the power and distance of the ATTAS-T2 to create the new ATTAS3 shaft. The ATTAS3 is the longest and straightest shaft ever developed by UST Mamiya. Ultra-thin high modulus, low resin content materials produce unparalleled feel, while the constant taper design promotes better energy transfer from the shaft to the ball resulting in increased distance.

In 2012, UST Mamiya has moved far past the utilitarian aspect of grips to what the Company calls “Gripology™”, the science of feel. In addition to its already formidable line, Soft Touch™ and the new Comp DV2 Torsion and Pro DV2 Torsion Cord grips round out the Company’s complete grip family. This third generation of premium products includes:

  • Soft Touch™ – with enhanced design that distributes a relaxed feel while limiting vibration through the use of advanced technology and polyurethane materials.

  • Comp DV2 Torsion and Pro DV2 Torsion Cord – are unique designs using torsion bar technology for a firmer feel, less torque and straighter shots. Both DV2 Torsion grips come with dual compound technology for improved traction and feel with and without cord.
"Our grip line-up for 2012 is more complete than ever. We’ve embraced Gripology and the science of feel to create a family of high performance grips,” says Robb Schikner, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Like our shafts, our grips are all about technology, and at UST Mamiya technology is about performance and feel in grips and shafts.”

For more than twenty years, UST Mamiya has been a leading innovator in the high performance golf shaft industry. During that time, golf professionals around the world have recorded hundreds, if not thousands of victories, including multiple wins on every major tour. Paralleling its achievements at the professional level, the company’s shafts are the #1 selling aftermarket option in the United States the past five years.

About UST Mamiya

Since 1991, UST Mamiya graphite shafts are favored by recreational and competitive golfers worldwide. In 2009, UST (U.S.) combined operations and assumed responsibility for the sports division of its parent company, Mamiya-OP (Japan) and now leads the drive for quality and innovation globally. Distributed in 30-plus countries, UST Mamiya provides shafts to consumers, retailers, club-fitters and original equipment manufacturers Adams, Bridgestone, Callaway, Cleveland, Cobra, Mizuno, Nike, PING, TaylorMade, Titleist, Wilson and more. Company R&D and manufacturing facilities are in the U.S., Japan, China and Bangladesh. UST Mamiya advisory staff includes renowned instructors among GOLF Magazine’s “Top 100” and at Golf Digest’s “America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses.”

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