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Feb 28, 2008

UST’s AXIV® Technology Advances at Accenture Match

FORT WORTH, Texas — UST® (United Sports Technologies), a world leader in graphite shaft innovation, announces yet another crowning achievement on the PGA Tour. Two of the four players in the finals from this weekend’s World Golf Championships-Accenture Matchplay Championship at The Gallery at Dove Mountain in Arizona, played graphite shafts incorporating UST's new proprietary AXIV® technology.

“We’re very excited with the attention our AXIV technology has received and how quickly so many pros have embraced this new design concept,” says Jim McIntosh, Tour representative for UST. “Tour players typically switch equipment only because they’ve found something better," he notes, "and shafts which feature our new AXIV technology deliver the level of distance and accuracy on which the pros depend every weekend.”

UST is the world’s only shaft manufacturer utilizing AXIV prepreg, a proprietary woven, four-axis material. While some graphite shaft manufacturers simply stack fibers in layers to achieve a four-axis appearance, UST’s exclusive AXIV material is actually a 'carbon-blended weave,' which results in a much stronger fabric. By selecting specific, high modulus fibers for each axis, the structural properties of the shaft are maximized.

This process of weaving specific high-modulus carbon fibers in the critical four axis directions most effectively optimizes stiffness, hoop strength, and torsional resistance. The result is a ‘Rapid Shaft Recovery System’ that resists deformation and returns the shaft to a round shape faster than any other shaft on the market. Over time, the ‘loading’ and ‘unloading’ of a golf swing alters the characteristics and shape of a shaft. The AXIV weave not only aids in the recovery of the shaft, ensuring a consistent return to the ball with each swing, but the single ply also offers superior feel in the hands.

AXIV technology was first introduced in UST’s Mamiya AXIV brand in Japan, then again for ACCRA®, and just this month on an exclusive PGA Tour release, Proforce AXIVCore™. “Just within the last month, we’ve fielded dozens of requests from pro players and OEM reps about the UST’s new AXIV technology,” adds McIntosh. “This technology has quickly earned a reputation for delivering real performance benefits.”

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Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, UST operates four manufacturing facilities worldwide that produce more than four million graphite shafts a year for original equipment manufacturers and custom clubmakers. UST makes graphite golf shafts for golf consumers and supplies many original equipment manufacturers, such as Titleist, Ping, Nike, Callaway, Cleveland, TaylorMade, Adams, Nickent, Wilson, Sonartec and others. UST also produces and distributes such revered graphite shaft brands as Proforce®, IROD® and Frequency Filtered™ Putter shafts which are played in more than 100 tour events on the PGA, SPGA, Nationwide and European tours. The ACCRA® brand is an exclusive shaft brand produced by UST exclusively for PGMC. For more information on UST, visit

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