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Feb 13, 2006

UST Savors Victory at Johnnie Walker Classic

FORT WORTH, Texas — For the third consecutive year, United Sports Technologies (UST®) graphite shafts delivered Tour-winning performance at the Johnnie Walker Classic at The Vines Resort and Country Club, in Perth, Australia. The Proforce V2 — the hottest new graphite shaft on pro tours worldwide — was an upgrade option for this year’s champion, and the super low-torque shaft continues to be Tour favorite.

“The Proforce V2 is one of the most talked about graphite shafts on the pro tours,” says Stacey Benvenuto, PGA Tour representative for UST. “The V2’s characteristics and low-torque design delivers a stable and consistent performance that the pros demand, and it is specially optimized for today’s 400cc to 460cc clubheads.”

Benvenuto explains that the larger driver heads that are popular today increase hit-ability for many golfers. However, the larger heads also possess centers of gravity (CG) which have been repositioned further away from the shaft’s center line which results in more stress and twisting on the shaft. The V2’s low torque design provides the power and control needed for 400cc to 460cc heads, prevents clubheads from twisting open on impact, and limits the amount of back spin imparted onto the ball, thus transferring more energy at impact.

UST is well-known for its revolutionary ‘hoop strength’ technology, and the new Proforce V2 incorporates that sophisticated engineering as well. Using a high modulus material lay up (or 90-degree material design) made famous in UST’s IROD® and ACCRA® technologies, the V2 utilizes the added hoop strength to help the shaft recover faster when loaded or flexed. Combining the hoop strength design with lower torque engineering and enhanced flexibility, the new V2 provides stability and consistency which is unparalleled in golf today.

United Sports Technologies makes graphite golf shafts for golf consumers and many original equipment manufacturers, such as Nike, Tommy Armour, Sonartec, Wilson Sporting Goods, Hogan, Spalding, and many others. UST also produces and distributes such world-renown graphite shaft brands as Proforce, ACCRA, PURE Gold, IROD and Harmon Tour Design which are played in more than 100 tour events on the PGA, SPGA, Nationwide and European tours. Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, UST operates four manufacturing facilities throughout the world and produces more than four million graphite shafts a year for original equipment manufacturers and custom club makers. For more information about UST, please visit our website at

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