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Sep 08, 2004

UST Scores 63 at Deutsche Bank Championship

FORT WORTH, Texas – United Sports Technologies (UST), a worldwide leader in golf shaft innovation and technology, scored an impressive 63 shaft count at the Deutsche Bank Championship including two more Top 10s for 2004. Again, UST scored a quadruple double with 25 ACCRA®, 15 IROD®, 12 Proforce® and 11 HTD® shafts. For the year, UST has racked up more than 100 Top 10 finishes and 19 wins.

“It’s great to put 63 shafts in play, but it is even more impressive when you look at the players and clubs,” says Shawn Mullin, PGA Tour representative for UST. “UST shafts are consistently played by many of the best players in the world using the best equipment in the world. And, when that happens you expect to win a lot of tournaments and finish in the Top 10 in even more.”

UST’s remarkable performance on the big Tour in 2004 has almost overshadowed its equally impressive performance on the Nationwide, European, Australian and Asian Tours. With such great success around the world, UST shafts are quickly becoming the most popular graphite high-performance golf shafts played anywhere on earth. When asked about UST’s international success, Mullin acknowledges that it’s all part of UST’s marketing strategy.

“The 2004 PGA Tour season has been fantastic for all UST brands,” adds Mullin. “But UST is an international manufacturer and we’re enjoying even more success all around the world.”

UST® is one of the largest and most successful graphite golf shaft manufacturers in the world.  Its best selling Proforce® series has been the world’s number one graphite replacement shaft for years.  The new IROD® shaft joins UST’s other models that include other well-known brands like ACCRA®, Tour Weight®, and HTD® (Harmon Tour Design®). All UST brands are Trademarks of United Sports Technologies, Fort Worth, TX.  For more information on United Sports Technologies® (UST), IROD, Proforce® GOLD, ATR, and XL, ACCRA®, HTD® golf shafts, and other UST® products visit the web site at, or call 817-267-2219.

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