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Sep 06, 2005

UST Showcases New Putter Shaft with Champions Win

FORT WORTH, Texas — Introducing the first real putter shaft innovation in nearly 70 years, United Sports Technologies® unveiled its all-new Frequency Filtered™ prototype putter shaft on the Champions Tour with victorious results. In its first-ever outing on a pro tour, the new graphite putter shaft — which provides instant feedback and better feel than standard steel putter shafts — won the Pro-Junior division of The Wal-Mart First Tee Open at Pebble Beach.

Still only available as a Tour prototype, the new Frequency Filtered putter shaft is the result of a joint venture between United Sports Technologies and Alabama-based Balance Certified, an equipment technology company well known for its Tour-proven Pro-Balance shaft weighting system. The goal was to design a system that significantly improved a player’s ability to perceive or ‘feel’ exactly where ball impact occurs on the putter face. This feedback to the player results in improved putting ability since the player quickly learns to stroke more putts on the putter’s sweet spot.

Skip Pankewich, product developer for UST, describes the new Frequency Filtered shafts as being analogous with stereo equipment. “When listening to your radio, any static noise just gets in the way of the quality of sound,” he says. “A good sound system which filters out the static noise leaves you with only sounds that are meant to be heard. This is similar to what happens with the Frequency Filtered shaft. There are many different types of vibrations that occur when a putt is struck. Some of these vibrations are always there, but don’t provide the player any useful feedback about the putt. I equate these vibrations to static noise on your radio. The Frequency Filtered shaft filters out these “static noise” vibrations, leaving only vibrations that provide feedback about how the putt was struck. Your feel becomes clearer.”

United Sports Technologies makes graphite golf shafts for golf consumers and many original equipment manufacturers, such as Nike, Tommy Armour, Sonartec, Wilson Sporting Goods, Hogan, Spalding, and many others. UST also produces and distributes such world-renown graphite shaft brands as Proforce, ACCRA, PURE Gold, IROD and Harmon Tour Design which are played in more than 100 tour events on the PGA, SPGA, Nationwide and European tours. Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, UST operates four manufacturing facilities throughout the world and produces more than four million graphite shafts a year for original equipment manufacturers and custom club makers. For more information about UST, please visit our website at

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