After struggling with my driver- launch angle and spin- for the last 3 years- I finally found what I consider the best shaft in golf- the Proforce AXIVCore Tour Red 79- on my Ping i15. I hit 15 different drivers and shafts in the simulator- all went 285 - 292 carry with 3500 rpm spin. I hit the i15 - I got 1800 rpm spin, a launch angle of 12 and carried the first one 345. The next 4 went between 320 and 350.... I am now in the process of changing to the fairway woods as well. I am a UST Mamiya player for life.

David - Denver , CO

Yesterday I went to Golf Galaxy in Easton Mall to hit some of the new drivers on their launch monitor/screen. The Rep had me hit the Ping i20 (9.0 Project X 6.0) and the new Taylormade Rocketballz (9.5 stock shaft). I started out hitting the Ping i20 and I liked it. I was carrying the ball around 270-280 yards (I thought - not bad, but it’s not me?). I then proceeded to hit the new Taylormade Rocketballz. I carried it about the same distance as the Ping i20, but liked the sound of the Ping a lot better. I kept wondering what my driver would do on the launch monitor, so I asked the Rep if I could get my driver and compare numbers. I hit a Titleist D3 with the new UST Mamiya Proforce VTS TOURSPX shaft that was fitted for me last week. My first swing carried 299 yards and then it was on. . . I hit five more shots with my club and they ranged from (299-311 CARRY). The rep looked at me and said……… you should never swing another driver than the one you own………………… He was amazed at the shaft and how it performed with my swing. I was amazed with the shaft performance compared to the other shafts on the other clubs. Once again, you put me in a place of (DISTANCE MATTERS). Thanks a lot for the shaft! Mike

Mike - , Ohio

I generate approximately 108-112 mph of club head speed, but I do not make an aggressive move on the downswing to generate that speed. I found that stiff shafts were too soft for my swing and an X-stiff flex didn't quite get the ball to fly like I wanted. I was then introduced to the Proforce VTS line and was told how they fit for weight, flex and torque. I was actually skeptical about the UST Mamiya online shaft fitting system (Swing Fit), but decided to give it a try . . . and I'm extremely happy that I did. When I installed the VTS 65 Silver X shaft in my driver, my driving immediately improved by leaps and bounds. I didn't have to worry about controlling accuracy and getting no roll - my problem with stiff flex shafts. And I didn't have to worry about a ''dying'' ball flight and feeling a bit boardy - my problem with X-Stiff shafts. After hitting the driver with so much more distance, accuracy and precision, I decided to use the online fitting tool for my 3-wood shaft and it recommended the 75 Red X. I actually think that I hit this one even better than the shaft in my driver. It's the best I have ever hit a 3-wood and I cannot thank UST Mamiya enough for bringing this technology to the forefront.

Richie Hunt - Orlando , Florida

I just had a Proforce V2 65s made up for my R9 Supertri. I have tried several shafts for this head from different shaft companies. The Proforce V2 is the best of the best. I have not missed a fairway in three rounds and have 15 more yards of carry distance. I was so pleased, I am going to install a V2 75s in my Adams F11 3 wood. My shaft fitter recommended the Proforce V2 and I'm glad he did. Thanks UST for making outstanding shafts!


I swing my woods about 115mph and I have Proforce V2 76x in my Driver, 86x in my 3w and 100hy-x in my hybrid. Hands down the best shaft for woods if you swing aggresively and have a steep angle. Very stable tip and you can really "go after" a shot with confidence. These are especially awesome with woods off the deck. The low torque allows the leading edge of the fairway wood and/or hybrid to enter the turf and not break down! Excellent shaft and great value compared to some of the overhyped and overpriced stuff out there. Good work UST Mamiya!

John - Phoenix , AZ

I purchased the Proforce V2 7070S for my 909D2 Titleist which had the Diamana stock Titleist 65 Blue shaft. WOW!!!! Much straighter and longer with much better feel. The V2 is the best value for your money on any shaft I've ever purchased. I have the Proforce VTS 75 Silver in my Adams Hybrid and love that too. I will purchase a VTS 85 Silver for my F11 3 wood as soon as it comes in. UST Mamiya is the absolute best. If you haven't tried them, please do, you will be hooked for life, their shafts make that much difference. It's all about performance and that's exactly what the V2 did to the 909D2 I've had. 12 degree trajectory and just as advertised my misses are only slightly left...no more misses with that ugly banana slice I got from the horrible stock shaft. TY...TY...TY

Specs 104-110 speed 3 handicap with V2 265 carry in Winter with old stock shaft 240. Go buy one today you will not regret it!!! Happy in VA!

RJ - Roanoke , VA

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