Recoil 450 Iron

For golfers seeking a super lightweight option to increase club head speed and produce a higher launch.

You don’t settle for steel in your woods, so why would you compromise with your irons? Get better feel, better consistency and better accuracy with Recoil – the first revolutionary carbon fiber iron shaft that doesn’t change the game; it makes steel obsolete.

Recoil – It’s more than a reaction. It’s a revolution.

Recoil Technology

  • Efficient Energy Transfer (67% more efficient than steel)
  • Optimal spring effect in the walls of the shaft for efficient energy transfer to the ball for increased velocity and greater distance
  • Improves consistency (i.e. shot dispersion), distance and trajectory control

*Taper tip available upon request.


Description Flex Weight Torque Launch Butt OD Tip OD Tip Parallel Length
Recoil 450 F1 L 52g 4.4° High 0.590" 0.370" 5.5" 40"


Flex Driver Swing Speed (mph) Driver Carry (yards)
F1 60 - 75 150 - 190



Tipping Instructions 3 iron/hybrid 4 iron/hybrid 5 iron/hybrid  6 iron  7 iron  8 iron 9 iron Wedge
Recoil™ 450 Iron 0.0" 0.0" 0.5" 1.0" 1.5" 2.0" 2.5" 3.0"