ATTAS-T2 Wood Shafts- Available through TOURSPX dealers only

For the player seeking a mid launch, with tight dispersion and penetrating ball flight.

The ATTAS-T2 is the next generation shaft in the ATTAS product line utilizing UST Mamiya’s Linear EI (LEI) Technology. Taking this technology to the next level, UST Mamiya engineers have designed the ATTAS-T2 with reduced ply inserts and maximized full length layers in order to create a better balance between torque and flex, resulting in more efficient shaft loading and a smoother bend profile (EI Curve). Constant taper design offers players a precise feel of more energy transfer to the ball for instant player feedback with greater distance. The use of Ultra-High modulus, low resin content materials improves feel and allows the shaft to maintain its shape and recover more consistently for tighter shot dispersion. Just like the original ATTAS, tighter tolerances ensure product consistency resulting in the most consistent performing shafts in golf.

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