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Founded in 1991, UST Mamiya has been producing the most innovative golf shafts in the world.  The principles of Quality, Performance and Feel are rooted in the engineering history of our company.  UST Mamiya - driving innovation around the world!

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I purchased the Proforce V2 7070S for my 909D2 Titleist which had the Diamana stock Titleist 65 Blue shaft. WOW!!!! Much straighter and longer with much better feel. The V2 is the best value for your money on any shaft I've ever purchased. I have the Proforce VTS 75 Silver in my Adams Hybrid and love that too. I will purchase a VTS 85 Silver for my F11 3 wood as soon as it comes in. UST Mamiya is the absolute best. If you haven't tried them, please do, you will be hooked for life, their shafts make that much difference. It's all about performance and that's exactly what the V2 did to the 909D2 I've had. 12 degree trajectory and just as advertised my misses are only slightly left...no more misses with that ugly banana slice I got from the horrible stock shaft. TY...TY...TY

Specs 104-110 speed 3 handicap with V2 265 carry in Winter with old stock shaft 240. Go buy one today you will not regret it!!! Happy in VA!

RJ - Roanoke , VA