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  • Recoil™ Iron Shafts are 67% more efficient than steel.
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Founded in 1991, UST Mamiya has been producing the most innovative golf shafts in the world.  The principles of Quality, Performance and Feel are rooted in the engineering history of our company.  UST Mamiya - driving innovation around the world!

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I began assembling golf clubs about 2 years ago and found the UST V2 to be the shaft for fairway, hybrids, and drivers that really made a difference. I reshafted all my woods including my Nike Sumo2 to UST products. I just finished a driver for a client and when I asked them the shaft, they asked me to use the same one I used on their 3-5 woods...UST. Thank you for your wonderful product.

Jim Twait - Shawnee , KS