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Founded in 1991, UST Mamiya has been producing the most innovative golf shafts in the world.  The principles of Quality, Performance and Feel are rooted in the engineering history of our company.  UST Mamiya - driving innovation around the world!

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Like most golfers I am always looking out for new equipment that will both enhance and instill confidence in my game. Being fortunate enough to work with my local clubmaker regarding shaft options (as well as all the helpful people at UST Customer Care) I decided to go with UST shafts in my driver and fairway woods. I chose the UST V2 Proforce and I wish I would have tried these out a long time ago. These are by far the best shafts I have ever played; they are true to their flex rating and the dispersion pattern is extremely tight. Ususally I'll play stock shafts in my woods, but from now on I'm playing UST all the way!!!

Steve Kobata - Sunnyvale , CA