Generation Next for UST Mamiya
Generation Next for UST Mamiya

A brief discourse on the innovations that make the Proforce V2 better than its predecessor

Those who spend time watching competitive golf on television or in person by now recognize the fact that the colorful Proforce V2 is being played by a growing number of Tour pros. So, what’s the big deal with this latest high performance golf shaft from UST Mamiya? That is the question UST Mamiya is getting asked a lot these days.

“When we started this project a few years ago, we immediately recognized the need to develop a shaft brand that performed extremely well with today’s high launching, oversized drivers and low spinning balls,” says Don Rahrig, Vice President of Engineering for UST Mamiya golf shafts.

“The result is that we have been able to pack a tremendous amount of innovation – learned from other designs such as the Proforce Gold, IROD and Harmon Tour Design – into this shaft series that not only performs for top touring pros such as Davis Love III, Rod Pampling and Cristie Kerr but for a wide variety of amateurs players, too.”

In June 2005, UST Mamiya unveiled the Proforce V2

After the winner of the rain-shortened Nissan Open and Johnnie Walker used the shaft in his driver. Immediately following those two events, there was a demand that prompted our decision to release the product mid-year, says Rahrig.

Since then, UST Mamiya has added the V2 Hybrid, V2 Long Drive and, for 2007, the all-new V2 High Launch. All feature common innovations such as Proforce Tip Technology, consistent flex profile, various weights and ultra tight tolerances.

Proforce Tip Technology is the heart and soul of the Proforce brand.

Rahrig says company engineers collectively spent countless hours developing a proprietary method for achieving desired launch angles and spin rates that begins with computer-aided analysis of various flexural and torsional tip matrices. The company claims this is why each Proforce V2 model offers the perfect balance of tip flex, torque and feel to help create maximum ball speed and better control.

“UST Mamiya was the first shaft company to design product with the tip section in mind first. What we have done with the V2 product overall is soften the flexural profile while tightening the torque by approximately .5 degrees.” says Rahrig, who has been engineering golf equipment for more than 20 years. “The combination we came up with allows the clubhead to really power through the ball and raise effective loft while minimizing twisting at the moment of impact. Those are factors that benefit all golfers.”

Consistent Flex Profile

Another key element in the design of the Proforce V2 and V2 High Launch, a consistent flex profile, makes it easier for players and club fitters to build driver and fairway wood combinations with consistent flex while utilizing different weights to fit for ball flight. The Proforce V2 and V2 High Launch is the first shaft brand designed as a family. Club builders have praised the ease of matching the driver shaft with a typically heavier shaft for fairway woods. Whether it is a 55-, 65- or 75-gram V2 model, the flexes are designed to have the same butt, mid and tip profiles from a flexural standpoint. The result is matching performance in terms of shaft loading, recovery and feel.

The Proforce V2 series also incorporates ultra-tight tolerances and exotic materials to improve performance. We feel the highest quality materials allow us to produce the most consistent golf shafts on the planet, says Rahrig. Proforce V2 shafts use a combination of 19 types of high modulus, aerospace quality materials. “As Tour pros demand golf shafts that are manufactured consistently, we feel the everyday player should benefit from them as well,” adds Rahrig.

Proforce V2 versus Proforce V2 High Launch

The original Proforce V2 shaft is designed for players seeking a flatter, more penetrating ball flight. The firm tip section produces a medium launch condition and faster ball speed. The Proforce V2 uses the most advanced materials and design to produce a very stable, consistent golf shaft. The super low-torque provides maximum control for today’s larger club heads.

Proforce V2 High Launch uses the same high modulus materials and tour-proven technologies found in all Proforce V2 models. Players can expect a higher launch condition and maximum ball speed from the more active tip section. The optimized torque profile in the V2 High Launch produces a responsive feel and excellent spin rates for the ultimate in shot-shaping control.

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