Proforce Tip Technology

With the premise that golfers would benefit from playing a low torque shaft, the question facing UST Mamiya engineers is how to design them so that Tour pros and average golfers can actually get them airborne with the most amount of feel.

Proforce Tip Technology

The answer rests in our Proforce Tip Technology's more responsive tip section. With our Proforce Tip Technology, we can match-up the launch conditions of the head to the shaft. We have the ability to make the tip section stiffer or more flexible.

UST Mamiya started the tip-stiff movement of the late 1990s with the launch of the popular Proforce Gold shaft. Back then, the industry produced wound balls that featured higher spin rates and shallower face drivers that increase spin than today. The result is golfers were looking for a shaft to keep the ball down.

How things have changed...

Today, solid balls and low-spinning, oversized drivers are the norm. Shaft designers are now trying to keep the ball in the air. The optimum design features a softer tip section that responds to the individual golfer, all to generate lower spin with higher initial launch conditions.

The result is a higher ball flight and more ball speed because the tip section is now traveling faster through the hitting zone. And because the flexural, bend profile is softer in the tip and butt sections, golfers will experience better feel.

UST Mamiya
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