UST Mamiya’s ATTAS-T2 Enhanced Linear EI Technology

So, how do you come up with the next big thing – the latest and greatest shaft that every golfer will love? No problem, right?

Well in reality, it takes a lot of hard work, design ingenuity, out of the box thinking, a commitment to carbon fiber material and resin development, and a total quality control of unique manufacturing processes.

Hot New Look!

The cutting edge, new graphic look of the all new ATTAS-T2 is a great start! With it’s sleek tattooed dual-layered Silver butt section fading digitally into a Double Black Mirror mid-section and into yet another digital fade transition to the multi-layered Red-Orange Mirrored tip section, this new T2 is giant leap forward in 21st century shaft design.

This new ultra-premium ATTAS shaft has not only caught the attention of PGA Tour players, but it's also the hottest new shaft in Japan as well.

The totally cool new paint scheme is just an attention getter . . .

But the real magic of this shaft lies within the multi-thin layers of the world’s finest carbon fiber golf shaft. Every ATTAS-T2 shaft is handmade, one at a time, due to shaft design complexity, the use extremely thin, low resin, carbon fiber prepreg materials, and of course the meticulous attention to quality and detail at every step in the process. All of this results in the most consistent, high quality golf shaft on the planet. You have to feel it to believe it – and you can, in every single swing.

The secret is Enhanced Linear EI Technology . . . .

In the simplest terms, the flex profile of ATTAS-T2 shafts has been flattened, removing that hinged feeling’ so common in many graphite shafts. According to Michael Guerrette, UST Mamiya’s Senior Director of R&D, “a flatter EI curve creates a smooth feel throughout the swing, but actually transfers the maximum amount of energy to the ball at impact.” The technology may seem extremely complex, but the results are simple – repeatable, longer shots off the tee with better control.

ATTAS Golf Shaft El Curve

“The challenge for a shaft company year in and year out is to improve on our tour winning profiles. Challenging the boundries of technology is what UST Mamiya has always strived for. This is can only be achieved by pushing the limits of material capabilities and evolution of design. Every new shaft design is thouroughly tested for maximum performance and durability before we even consider taking a new version to the tour”, says Guerrette.

UST Mamiya’s ATTAS-T2 is available in 50, 60, 70 and 80 gram weight categories and in most poplular flexes.


UST Mamiya
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