Technical Papers by UST Mamiya

  • Shaft DNA™

    Having spent the last ten years of my life designing and developing golf equipment for the best players in the world, I have come to realize that shaft fitting is the most important and over looked aspect out on tour. I have worked with players on all the US tours - PGA, Nationwide, Champions, LPGA, Japan, European and Euro Asian. And there is one thing they all have in common; the desire to find a product that will bring them victory.

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  • UST Mamiya’s ATTAS-T2 Enhanced Linear EI Technology

    So, how do you come up with the next big thing – the latest and greatest shaft that every golfer will love? No problem, right? Well in reality, it takes a lot of hard work, design ingenuity, out of the box thinking, a commitment to carbon fiber material and resin development, and a total quality control of unique manufacturing processes.

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  • AXIV Materials

    Hickory? Steel? As with anything, technologies progress and the next “big thing” comes along. Hickory was the material choice for shafts in the beginning of golf and consistency of the product was difficult to achieve.

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  • UST Mamiya Introduces Proforce V2 Iron Shafts

    As a top graphite golf shaft manufacturer, UST Mamiya is most noted for its plethora of tour proven wood shaft brands. Ask any avid golfer to name a couple of UST Mamiya-branded wood models, popular shaft brands such as Proforce V2 and IROD roll right off the tongue.

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  • UST Mamiya Proforce HMOI

    MOI (moment of inertia) is the current buzzword in the golf equipment industry. New driver heads, as well as other club heads, claim to have 'high MOI,' making them easier for players to hit straight.

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  • Proforce Tip Technology

    With the premise that golfers would benefit from playing a low torque shaft, the question facing UST Mamiya engineers is how to design them so that Tour pros and average golfers can actually get them airborne with the most amount of feel. The answer rests in our Proforce Tip Technology's more responsive tip section.

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  • UST Mamiya Interlinked Carbon™ Fiber Technology

    Graphite is an "anisotropic" material, meaning the stiffness and strength properties are greater in the fiber direction than they are in any other direction. For most graphite shafts, the base material is a sheet of unidirectional (UD) prepreg in which the carbon fibers are all oriented in the same direction. Parts made of UD prepreg have high stiffness and strength in the fiber's direction, but little stiffness or strength in any other direction.

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  • Golf Shaft Durability Testing

    When searching for the right golf shaft, players consider specifications such as weight, torque, launch angle, and price. It is taken for granted that the shaft is durable, and will not fail as long as the club is in use. At UST Mamiya, we are committed to ensuring our customers the absolute best, most durable product to instill peace of mind about the shafts they play.

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  • Generation Next for UST Mamiya

    Those who spend time watching competitive golf on television or in person by now recognize the fact that the colorful Proforce V2 is being played by a growing number of Tour pros. So, what’s the big deal with this latest high performance golf shaft from UST Mamiya? That is the question UST Mamiya is getting asked a lot these days.

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