TSPX® Overview

In its purest sense, TSPX is UST Mamiya’s technology generation lab...

...An autonomous long term research center focused solely on creating the most advanced, high performance golf products in the world - for the best players in the world.

Every shaft submitted for use on the PGA Tour is TSPX CERTIFIED. After tour demands are fulfilled, TSPX CERTIFIED shafts will be available for purchase through our exclusive TSPX Certified Dealer Network. Find a TSPX Certified Dealer.

Each TSPX CERTIFIED shaft is qualified after thorough testing and must meet or exceed demanding test criteria. After measuring and recording each of the data points, our technicians permanently laser etch each TSPX CERTIFIED shaft with a unique serial number. This serial number can be used to reference the detailed specifications of that shaft at any time allowing players to replicate their high performance shaft at any time.

Click here if you have purchased a TSPX CERTIFIED shaft and want to obtain the specs.

Click here if you are a TSPX Certified Dealer.

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