Welcome Certified TOURSPX Dealers

Welcome to UST Mamiya’s exclusive TOURSPX Dealer site, here, you will find up-to-date details on new product development, insider information on tour activities, and of course access to the TOURSPX Shaft Matrix where you can directly compare data on the latest tour shaft brands available, just like our tour reps do every week at PGA events. This site also provides you a forum for direct and ongoing 2-way communication regarding all aspects of the TOURSPX program as well as a forum to discuss all things related to golf shaft fitting.

Product Development

New products and concepts are constantly in motion in the TOURSPX Lab; and for our exclusive dealers we offer you the opportunity to contribute ideas and opinions about many of those projects. We also appreciate and encourage your recommendations for new and different shaft models and / or fitting systems. This might be your chance to turn your shaft idea (that has been in your head for years) into a real live, playable product. Who knows ...

Insider Tour Information

Our reps are in the field each week on the PGA, Nationwide, European and Japanese tours. Accordingly, we sometimes have interesting information on who is playing what, or changed to what, or simply is testing what. And we don’t mind sharing that with our TOURSPX partners. So if you are interested in the insider details, this is the place for you. If you have heard interesting tour information elsewhere, you are welcome to contribute to the blog. Or if you want to confirm some information - like who is playing the new Proforce VTS - just ask us and we will be happy to let you know. We will also try to post photos of new tour products and other interesting shots from the tour from time to time. And of course, as always – you are welcome to post your own photos as well.

TOURSPX Database

It is our objective to educate TOURSPX dealers with up-to-date and relevant information that we obtain from our research and development process here at USTM and how that information will help you fit your clientele. This is a powerful tool that will help you become a better club- fitter by providing detailed data across a wide array of competitive shaft brands, both for exclusive tour only models and for standard catalog brands. Currently, there are many different measurement methods, and you may have your own preferred methods - but the TOURSPX Database standardizes this process so that everyone is speaking the same language when it comes to shaft specifications. This should help all of us better understand shaft performance dynamics by utilizing specifications as defined by USTM. USTM has been designing and manufacturing high performance carbon fiber golf shafts for more than 20yrs, and during that time we have produced more than 60,000,000 (sixty million) shafts. And with this history as our data source, we firmly believe our standards and processes are the very best in the industry.

You will notice that there are currently several hundred shafts already in the TOURSPX Database . . . most of these were measured for tour comparison. You may also notice that there are fewer shafts listed in the R and S flex categories, and this is where we can work to together to develop a stronger tool from which we can all benefit. If you have a shaft in hand (or access to a particular shaft) that is not in the database, we encourage you to send the shaft directly to the TOURSPX Lab - we will measure it, record the data and add it to the matrix, and then return the shaft to you.

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We offer this area to allow you not only direct communication with our TOURSPX team, but also to create an active format where exclusive members can exchange information and ideas in a discreet, manner. We see all of you as partners in this business and it is our hope we can be open and honest in our discussions without sharing it with the industry or with yours and our direct competitors.

This forum will also operate as a community bulletin board where we will list upcoming TOURSPX events. You are welcome to post events in your area which may or may not directly involve your business.

Upcoming Events

We are currently making plans for a TOURSPX event at the 2012 PGA show in Orlando. In many cases, this may be our first opportunity for a face to face meeting and discussion of all things TOURSPX. We will be contacting you soon to gage interest and timing for the event.

Thank you for your support of the TOURSPX concept. We look forward to growing the relationship with each and every one of you and to making TOURSPX a viable and successful tool for your business.

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