Custom Carbon Fiber and Composite Tubing

UST Mamiya is one of the premier carbon fiber tubing manufacturers in the world. While our core manufacturing capability is carbon fiber golf shafts, our UST Composites division produces a variety of world-class carbon fiber, fiberglass and composite tubing products such as tent poles, bicycle tubes, hockey sticks, conveyor rollers, ski poles, arrows, boom poles, kayak paddle tubes, gaff hooks, bow stabilizers, kite spars, curling brooms, and numerous other custom tube designs for various industrial and consumer applications. As you might imagine, carbon or composite tubes often replace steel tubing, aluminum tubing, plastic tubes and even fiberglass tubes with stronger, lighter and better alternatives.

Composite Materials

Composite tubes may consist of various fabrics, including carbon fiber prepreg (often referred to as graphite), Kevlar®, fiberglass (S-Glass and E-Glass), and even metallic strands or ribbons. With carbon fiber, the high strength-to-weight ratio is the real key. For engineers and product designers, the versatility of carbon fiber makes it ideal for creating custom light-weight tubing for many applications. Today’s carbon fiber and composite fabrics are used extensively in aerospace, industrial, sporting goods and automotive, boating and marine applications. Most often, our engineers maximize performance and minimize cost of custom tubes by using unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg. But when necessary, woven bi-axial or even 4-axis (0/90/+X/-X) woven composite materials are utilized to meet specific customer requirements.

Carbon Fiber and Composite Tube Manufacturing Capabilities

Our primary focus is on sheet wrapping or flag wrapping carbon fiber prepreg around mandrels to create custom tubing. This rolling process provides versatility in design and repeatable quality standards with tight tolerances, allowing our engineers to also optimize carbon fiber modulus and placement to maximize performance at the lowest possible weight. If specifically required, we can also provide filament wound, pultrusion or bladder molded tubes in unique shapes. And if your parts require painting or decorating, we have extensive capabilities in squeegee painting, spray painting, silk screening, pad printing, heat transfer decal application and even foil stamping.

Your Carbon Fiber Composite Team

Customized composite and carbon fiber tubes can provide innovative solutions for your unique needs. Customized tubes can be anything you need or anything you might envision. UST Composites design engineers are some of the most experienced carbon fiber composite tubing specialist in the world. If you have a concept or an existing product that might be improved through the use of light weight, high strength carbon fiber materials . . . then we need to talk.

Call us today at 1-800-277-0534 or use contact form bellow. Carbon fiber just may be the big leap forward you’ve been looking for.


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