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We offer SwingFit : Interactive Shaft Fitting System. The interactive program is designed to effectively guide you through the steps of choosing the correct shaft for your swing. You simply start with your swing speed to help select the shaft flex. Then you must decide on what weight fits your control vs. distance issues. Finally, your ball flight expectations can be met by learning more about the shaft’s launch type.

Making sure you are using the proper equipment is a key part in maximizing distance. Every golfer should go through a club fitting session annually or when anytime their physical condition changes. Hitting the ball farther is a function of swing technique and physical strength; however, the most important part of the equipment aspect is having the proper shaft and correct loft at any stage of your golfing career.

Any given week on the PGA,, Champions, LPGA and International Tours, UST Mamiya will have multiple wood and iron shafts in play with the best players in the world.

Typically tip trimming 1/2 an inch to 1 inch on a iron shaft will make the tip of shaft play stronger. However, we do not recommend that you tip trim your driver shaft to make it play stiffer.

Graphite shafts in woods practically dominate the market. Iron shafts have been gaining traction in the last 4-5 years. We  have greatly improved quality and design of iron shafts over these last five years, with Recoil iron shafts dominating the graphite iron market. A golfer should be fit for the correct weight in iron shafts just as they are for wood shafts and the particular flex you play should be taken into account.

UST Mamiya has a network of dealers in the marketplace that can fit our shafts to your needs. To locate a UST Mamiya dealer near you, go to locate a dealer here on our web site.