ALL-IN Putter Shaft
ALL-IN Putter Shaft

ALL IN Putter Shafts Coming Early 2023

ALL IN putter shafts are a true technology standout designed for better feel, stability, and control.


ACE- Aluminum Connector Enhanced Stability Technology permits the use of heavier putter heads.

High Tensile modulus carbon fiber

Will be available in 100% all carbon fiber and carbon fiber/steel combination

What you really need to will simply make more putts.

Precise Feel- feel is significantly improved through the use of proprietary nano tech and nanoalloy used in the prepreg matrix.


Optimum flex- Shaft stiffness is increased to minimize flexural distortion during the putting stroke for maximum accuracy and consistency.


Low torque- Advanced carbon fiber material increases shaft torsional stability to lessen effect of off-center hits, for enhanced distance control.