Are you ready to make all of your friends jealous on the golf course?

Make your iron game personal with Recoil Prototype and Recoil Wedge Proto Iron Shafts!


Choose from 10 outstanding colors and 2 premium finishes.

Recoil Custom is available in our Recoil Prototype 95, Recoil Prototype 110, Recoil Prototype 125 and our Recoil Wedge Proto iron shafts. 

How to Get Yours...

Step 1:  Locate a Certified TSPX Dealer in the U.S or International

Step 2:  GET FIT with a TSPX Certified Dealer

Step 3:  Pick your favorite color and premium finish

Step 4:  Get them built by a TSPX Certified Dealer

Step 5:  Game them, and make all of your friends jealous.

Recoil- It's more than a reaction. It's a revolution.

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