UST Mamiya Elements® Gold a winner at the Valero Texas Open

FORT WORTH, TX – UST Mamiya is proud to report the winner of the Valero Texas Open was using the Elements® Gold shaft in his driver and VTS® Red shaft in his hybrid. He averaged an impressive 301 yards off the tee while hitting 84% of the fairways. This is his first win on Tour.

“UST Mamiya congratulates the winner of the Valero Texas Open said Robb Schikner, Chief Operating Officer. “The Elements® Gold shaft offers revolutionary performance for golfers of all abilities. By incorporating our innovative Recoil® Technology, we are able to offer a wood shaft design that recovers faster during the golf swing thereby delivering more energy to the ball at impact. Faster shaft recovery also dramatically increases accuracy.”

Elements® Gold was created through unconventional thinking and design. Traditionally, wood shafts have been designed to maximize hoop strength in the butt section of the shaft to eliminate wall flex. With the development of Recoil® Technology, our engineering team established that optimal hoop flex has a positive impact on golf shaft performance.

Elements Gold is built for pure distance and increased accuracy. Our unique shaft profile and mandrel geometry, combined with Recoil® Technology, optimizes wall flex. This generates maximum energy transfer during the golf swing and increases the power with which the shaft loads and unloads for longer ball flight. It also allows for faster recovery of the shaft during the swing for optimum accuracy.

The company produces a variety of shaft models, including the renowned Recoil (The #1 Graphite Iron Shaft in the Market), Elements, PROFORCE and ATTAS lines, which have received significant usage on major professional tours world-wide. Paralleling its achievements at the professional level, the company’s shafts have remained the top-selling aftermarket option in the United States the past 10+ years.



About UST Mamiya

UST Mamiya was established in 1991 producing golf shafts for recreational and competitive golfers worldwide. UST Mamiya shafts can be purchased through authorized TSPX™ dealers, club fitters, and major retailers such as The GolfWorks, Hireko Golf and PGA Tour Superstore. Distributed in 30-plus countries, UST Mamiya provides shafts to consumers, retailers, club-fitters and original equipment manufacturers including Bridgestone, Callaway, Cleveland/Srixon, Cobra, Mizuno, PING, TaylorMade, Titleist, Wilson and more.

Our UST Composites division is responsible for a variety of composite products used across multiple industries, including arrows, archery bow stabilizers, curling broom handles, percussion mallets, industrial rollers, and other composite products. Our UST ESSX division specializes in the design and manufacture of vaulting poles under the UST ESSX Brand. In 2016, a UST ESSX RECOIL vaulting pole was used to win a Bronze medal at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Company R&D and manufacturing facilities are located in the U.S., Japan, and Bangladesh. For more information:,, 817.267.2219.

UST Mamiya
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