ATTAS 11 "Jack"  is now available for purchase through our TSPX Dealers Network. 

ATTAS 11 is a revolutionary combination of innovative shaft design and advanced carbon fiber materials. UST Mamiya engineers combine aerospace grade M40X carbon fiber with a new constant taper design concept. The result is a higher launching, high performance shaft offering optimum flex and torque characteristics with incredible feel.

ATTAS 11's unique constant taper shaft profile provides exceptional feel and a smooth, controlled release. Available in a range of weights and flexes to maximize the potential of your individual golf swing.  


Key takeaways:

  1. Revolutionary shaft design offering max distance
  2. Ultra High Modulus M40X Carbon Fiber for shaft consistency and strength
  3. Constant taper design for optimum feel
  4. Higher launch + better energy transfer to the ball through impact


Head to our How to Buy page to locate a TSPX Dealer near you to purchase. 

UST Mamiya
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